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Glenmark US QA team shares its back-to-office enthusiasm

As the QA team at Glenmark US resumes working from office, they show us how they stay connected with each other both virtually and in person, while following all the necessary safety precautions.

The video reflects their positivity as they resume work, welcome new joinees, take coffee breaks together and stay connected with each other!

Team Asia shows how to connect and spread a smile

Our colleagues from the Philippines, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Myanmar and the Regional Asia Team came together to create a video depicting how they have been connecting with each other digitally while working from home. The video shows their indomitable spirit during challenging times and encourages to not give up. Here they can be seen doing a popular Vietnamese dance move with an aim ‘to stop spreading the virus and spread a smile instead’. This dance move depicts good practices to follow like washing your hands, wearing a mask, maintaining social distancing and this is also telling COVID-19 to go away.

Glenmark’s global PV team passes some positivity around!

While patient safety remains our commitment, Glenmark is also focused on keeping employees safe during this pandemic. Our global Pharmacovigilance (PV) team is here to pass the positivity around and keep spirits high while they #WorkFromHome.
Watch the video to see how they are #WorkingRemotelyYetUnited

Work from home – Glenmark Russia way!

Glenmark Russia Sales force and Training & Development teams are active while working from home. They are going through trainings, looking after their health and managing children whilst making sure that all the work processes are not hampered by the new reality. Our team wishes all the employees globally to stay healthy and happy and is confident that we will all pull through this together with flying colours! #Workfromhome #StaySafe #StayActive #StayHappy & Enjoy our Video