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Glenmark UK supports the less privileged through Herts Young Homeless charity donation

The COVID-19 outbreak has increased the rates of homelessness around the world, leaving thousands of communities vulnerable. Glenmark’s UK team has pledged support to these underprivileged communities, through financial aid to the Herts Young Homeless (hyh) charity in Hertfordshire, England. The charity focuses on homelessness prevention - from school education and family mediation through to supporting 16-24 year olds in their first homes or caring for adults of all ages with mental health issues and housing needs. With Glenmark’s donation, hyh has been able to increase supplies of essential items such as food, nappies and medicine, making a real impact and difference to local, vulnerable young people affected by the health crisis.
Further, recognizing the invaluable efforts of frontline healthcare workers, Glenmark UK has donated daily fruit boxes to Watford General Hospital, to provide a quick and easy source of nutrition for those fighting the pandemic.