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Glenmark Russia team organizes “Back to School” charity activity for children of Lukhtonovo orphanage

The 1st of September is a special day for all the pupils and students in Russia, as it marks the start of the new academic year. For several consecutive years, Glenmark and Glenmark Russia team organize “Back to School” charity activity for the children living at the Lukhtonovo orphanage in Vladimir region. And this year, once again we contributed towards preparing the children of the Lukhtonovo orphanage and made a difference to the lives of 49 children, some of whom we saw growing up over the last 10 years for which we support this orphanage.

This year, the Charity event consisted of several activities. Employees from across the country contributed $1000 worth of school items – school uniform for boys and girls, stationery items – pens, pencils, paints, drawing albums, rubbers and sharpeners, etc. Some employees supported the proposal put forward by Denis Danko, Head of T&D department to contribute their team UExcel awards towards this cause, which is indeed very kind and honourable. And Glenmark matched this amount to purchase school diaries and disinfectant/sanitary items, in order to help with ensuring that the children stay healthy and safe at a time when the risk of COVID-19 still exists. In addition to all the new items which were purchased and donated, employees also took part in collecting second hand clothes and items.

On a very sunny August 25, 2020 all the items were taken to the orphanage and a Back to school picnic party with pizza was organized for the children living in the orphanage. We also checked up on our blue fern tree, which we planted in 2016 and definitely it is growing very well.

It was a great event and what it showed is that as one team, supporting each other in such kind activities, we can make a truly big difference to the lives of less privileged children in our communities.