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Our efforts to safeguard employees and the environment – Takeaways from this year’s Sustainability Report

As we expand our repertoire of capabilities and products, our efforts will remain deeply rooted in the ethos of inclusive development and environmental consciousness. As a corporate entity, we strive towards creating value for all spheres of human interaction; economic, social and environmental. Our values of ethics and a strong corporate governance framework serves as the anchor of our sustainability and business vision. Our workforce management strategy, environmental conservation agenda, efforts towards community development and product stewardship are cornerstones on which our business growth and value proposition are built.

Dr. Rajan Sharma

Vice President & Head - Corporate EHS, Environment, Health and Safety


Effective waste management plays a central role in building sustainable operations. We ensure that we dispose waste in compliance with applicable environmental standards as per national laws and regulations and aligned to global best practices. Our waste management strategy encompasses waste categorisation, segregation, minimisation, safe handling and disposal along with its monitoring, regulation and process control. As part of our waste management we have implemented interventions in the below mentioned areas:

  • Reducing packaging waste
  • Recycling/ Reprocessing
  • Co-processing
  • Extending life of machinery and products


At Glenmark, we have always been committed to ensure the good health and wellbeing of our employees, globally. At the onset of the pandemic, we strengthened our efforts to provide a safe and hygienic working environment for our people on-site and at home.