For internal consumption of Glenmark Pharmaceuticals, Glenmark Life Sciences and their employees.

World Breast Cancer Awareness Month initiative in Glenmark Ukraine.

Glenmark Ukraine launched an initiative «Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign - Early detection is a key to breast cancer survival» dedicated to World Breast Cancer Awareness Month – October 2020. The campaign’s mission was to increase awareness of the breast cancer disease. The purpose of this initiative was to increase attention and support towards the disease, its early detection and also to raise awareness about the simple techniques for detection which is of utmost importance in the fight against breast cancer.

After undergoing diagnostics, each female Glenmark Ukraine employee had to attach a pink ribbon to the symbolic health tree, located on a poster in the company's office. As the pink ribbon is the international symbol of breast cancer control.

Glenmark Ukraine wishes everyone good health and reminds that Early Detection Saves Lives!

«Lets take action together to defeat breast cancer!»