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#BreakthroughInHypertension - Launch of the world’s 1st hypertension awareness symbol

The prevalence of Hypertension in India is 29.8% i.e. one out of every three Indian adult is Hypertensive in India, however, 60% of hypertensives in India are unaware about the disease. As leaders in the Anti-hypertensive category in India, Glenmark’s objective is to expand the total Anti-hypertensive in market and one of the significant lever for the same is driving Hypertension awareness in India which is the need of the hour.

Till date, there has been no visual/ symbolic representation for Hypertension. Around us we do have examples of AIDS (Red Ribbon), Breast Cancer (Pink Ribbon) and Diabetes (blue ring) where symbols have helped increase the awareness on disease dramatically.

Identifying this need gap, Glenmark initiated work on creating three symbol options for Hypertension under the campaign #BreakthroughinHypertension

These three options were then shared with 50,000 doctors and we collected their votes for the most appropriate symbol amongst the three options for Hypertension with utmost speed in 20 days time.

We received endorsement for the symbol from the largest physician body of India (API- Association of Physicians of India) and the only Hypertension body in India (HSI- Hypertension Society of India)

The launch of the World’s First Hypertension Awareness Symbol was done to the medical fraternity as well as to the general public virtually on 19th July’ 2020.

For the first time in the history, over 25 leading Cardiologists and Diabetologists across the country came together under one platform for this launch and share their views on the World’s First Hypertension Awareness Symbol.

The legendary Indian cricketer, Mr. Anil Kumble attended the launch event as the guest of honor and shared his views on the importance of raising awareness for Hypertension through this unique approach of utilizing a symbol for Hypertension.

Dr. Michael Weber who is the former President of American Society of Hypertension also joined the launch event and shared his views on the significance of launching World’s First Hypertension Awareness Symbol

The leading endocrinologist of the country Dr. Shashank Joshi and one of the most renowned Diabetologists Dr. Siddharth Shah were speakers at the launch event. We also had the 4 top most cardiologists at the launch event as panel doctors for the talk show with Mr. Anil Kumble including Dr. Praful Kerkar, Dr. GS Wander, Dr. Tiny Nair, Dr. Santanu Guha.

The event was streamed live on 19th July at 6 pm on Youtube and Facebook on our channel- BPinControl. The event has received over 20,000 views till date.

We are sure that this historic launch event of the World’s First Hypertension Awareness Symbol will play a significant role in raising Hypertension Awareness not just in India but across the globe in years to come.