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Glenmark Brazil is ready for the NEXT step in Digital Transformation

During the current unprecedented times, staying connected and engaged with the main stakeholders has been the focus in Brazil.

The world and the way we connect with others has changed and this new reality challenges us to change ourselves as well.

So, the Marketing & Commercial Teams have started a true change of mindset in Glenmark Brazil by initiating the Brazil Digital Transformation Project, which involves different activities and the collaboration of practically all areas of the company.

During these 4 months of social isolation, the Brazil team has implemented a service of Samples Delivery for HCPs, medical webinars on different useful themes through medical societies and/or Glenmark exclusive, trainings, virtual decompression meetings with sales force and the launch of the Digital Platform: Glenmark NEXT.

This platform for remote detailing enables the interaction of sales force with physicians and health care professionals across the country.

To launch NEXT, a 100% digital convention has been prepared for conducting presentations, trainings and role play sessions with field force.

To ensure that all Brazilian Glenmark employees were aware of the project and the importance of it, we implemented an endomarketing action by sending a kit (with snacks, a letter and a gift – a cellphone support to watch the event) and invited them to watch the NEXT launch and, with an exclusive lecture with the Professor and Philosopher Prof. Clovis de Barros Filho, with the theme: Transformation.

Another initiative that will be implemented in the coming weeks – which is part of NEXT PROJECT – is the new Institutional Glenmark Website Brazil, with an Exclusive Health Care Professional Area with relevant content, promotional materials, services like samples distribution and virtual medical detailing.

More than a platform, NEXT is a new and improved way of interaction.
Focused on supporting the stakeholders through digital interaction - always NEXT to them, and always ready for the NEXT step!