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Asia Detailing Champ Contest hosted virtually by Team Asia

During difficult times like the COVID-19 pandemic where social distancing is a new norm, Glenmark Asia converted this challenge into an opportunity by hosting ‘Asia Detailing Champ’ contest virtually. Detailing is the process communicating / promoting brand benefits / USPs to doctors and HCPs by our medical reps and it plays a very important role in brand building. This contest was not only held individually in the country but for the first time in the history of Asia it was hosted across the region.

The contest was first done at country level where the jury panel for each country (6 members consisting of Marketing and Country managers) chose the finalists for the regional level. The contestants were each given one brand to present. There was also a live Q & A round where questions were asked about the brand / therapy / Genmark corporate brand etc to each of the participants.

It was the first time that over 200 medical representatives including 24 finalists from 6 Asian countries came together on one platform to share their unique ways of detailing with the rest of us. The event was hosted seamlessly by efficiently using a virtual platform.

With the changing dynamics and change in behaviour of the customers, it was extremely important that we connected with our field force and encourage them by giving them exposure at regional level.

This was the first time ever that a platform was created virtually for the medical reps and it was highly appreciated by the entire sales team!