For internal consumption of Glenmark Pharmaceuticals, Glenmark Life Sciences and their employees.

Brazil's Gold Standard Remote Detailing Competition for Nebzmart and Levolukast

During the self-isolation period due to the coronavirus (COVID-19), the Marketing team at Glenmark Brazil proposed a new challenge for Sales Force: create a Gold Standard Remote Detailing for two important products of the Respiratory portfolio – Levolukast (detailing focused on Doctors) and Nebzmart (detailing focused on Trade).

The challenge was an opportunity to encourage the Sales Force to show themselves and promote a healthy competitiveness through knowledge, preparation and perfect execution on the NEXT Platform. From the 10 finalists, we had two winners – 1 for each brand, and they were awarded a prize as well - an Alexa speaker.

A commission formed by Marketing and Training departments judged all the competitors and their videos. Different aspects of the detailing were evaluated, such as technical knowledge, argumentation power, HCPs, Trade convincing, and NEXT Platform knowledge.

The competition was conducted online, remotely, for the first time, and showed to be a great way to stimulate the force field and an opportunity to improve the knowledge and advertising techniques.

Quotes from the winners:

"For me, detailing has always been something natural and, with every visit, I try to shape the company's expectations to the profile of the doctor I serve. That is why making a remote detailing for the contest Gold Standard Remote Detailing brings together not only technical aspects, but also an alignment of the expectations of such a diverse audience, as it was designed to be part of a training, and was a great challenge. A certain profile was determined, but the desire to make my speech as productive and assertive as possible, to the point of becoming an instrument, was a great honor for me and further instigated my desire to do my best. I really believe in this marketing action because we in the Sales Force love challenges and this was a great opportunity to further improve the technique and above all to conclude the advertisement, making sure that the doctor actually bought our concept. The weapons I used were technical knowledge, verbal fluency, empathy and non-conformity because that doctor (of the remote dynamic) had not yet been convinced that our product was the best option. The desire was to see the doctor's eyes shining when he really understood our purpose, which is to bring the best option for the treatment of allergic rhinitis for your patients. The argument is exquisite, but if it does not come imbued on purpose, it becomes empty! And that was my greatest wish - to take the best arguments filled with our mission, which is to provide quality of life to each life we touch."

Elaine Rotta Nunes de Oliveira
(sales rep winner of the Levolukast’s Best Remote Detailing).

"Participating in the contest was very cool and I would say it was challenging, since I was competing with all my colleagues in Brazil and I know that we have only the best people in our team. When the invitation arrived for those who wanted to participate in the Gold Standard Remote Detailing, I found it very innovative, as it was a new challenge, the opportunity to overcome myself in relation to my advertising and improve my technique, and maybe become an example for my colleagues. In addition, it worked! This type of action is very good, because our colleagues inspire us, so every day we can do better. Besides that, being considered an example of advertising encourages me even more to always improve myself. When making the remote detailing, I thought of a type of scenario in which the customer did not know Nebzmart and in which my help was needed for a better understanding about the product and to generate sales. After outlining this scenario, I raised all the key points of Nebzmart, as well as the sales arguments, which we can never forget to mention in our advertising in the POS. Anyway, it was very good to participate in this contest, not only because I have won the awards, but also and mainly because it was a way to challenge myself and improve my detailing every day, in addition of being a way to help other colleagues to develop even more."

Iviana Pereira da Silva
(sales rep winner of the Nebzmart’s Best Remote Detailing)