For internal consumption of Glenmark Pharmaceuticals, Glenmark Life Sciences and their employees.

R&D HR Hangouts

Where there is a will there is a way.

On March 16, R&D HR team launched Pinnacle which is based on an integrated talent management framework. As per the roll-out plan the team had planned to have socialization sessions with all R&D employees but given the lockdown in India, having physical sessions was impossible. The team got innovative and designed 2 hour virtual hangout sessions. IT team pitched in and provided a dedicated Zoom license to conduct these sessions. The idea was simple; connect with employees, listen to them, socialize Pinnacle framework and answer any queries employees may have.

On April 6 we had our first Hangout session. Over next 2 weeks the R&D HR team conducted 30 such sessions and covered 95% of R&D employees. The sessions were much appreciated with employees giving a very positive feedback.