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Thanking the medical fraternity – an effort by Glenmark Sri Lanka and Asia marketing teams

Like super heroes, the medical fraternity has come to the rescue of humanity, and has been working relentlessly to save the lives of as many as possible during the current COVID-19 pandemic. We, as a pharmaceutical organisation, work and interact with them on a day-to-day basis and during this difficult time, we wanted to thank them for their selfless service to society.
To do so, team Sri Lanka along with the HO team have come together to send a heartfelt message to the medical fraternity for their heroism!

Front liners are the key fraternity that have protected our lives in this COVID-19 pandemic. Right at the front are also the chemists and pharmacists, who are the warriors that are saving the lives of all other civilians who need their medications for other diseases. The work carried out behind the scenes by way of dispensing and distributing drugs to the doorsteps of all patients is indeed admirable. This video is Glenmark Sri Lanka’s tribute to all our hidden warriors. Thank you all!