For internal consumption of Glenmark Pharmaceuticals, Glenmark Life Sciences and their employees.

Slovakia’s virtual creative workshops for brand building exercise

From May onward, Glenmark Slovakia’s sales and marketing teams have been connecting virtually every Thursday afternoon for a brand building workshop. Given that Glenmark Slovakia is currently an important player in the pharmaceutical market, these workshops aim to map the perception of the Glenmark brand amongst healthcare professionals, and to support the future direction of Glenmark’s corporate and brand identity.

The Slovakia team made two distinct learnings during their exercise:
(1) they have successfully built Glenmark’s position through quality products and responsible employees who are partners to our clients.
(2) However, in this process, they ended up putting more emphasis on the brands of products (Prindex, Nebitrix, or Ataralgin or Revitanerv Strong) and neglected to build a corporate brand with an overall unified visual style, starting with marketing materials and ending with artwork. Today, the team is working to strengthen the company’s name in the market, with the hope that doctors will view Glenmark as an exceptional partner, providing quality products, long-term service and educational opportunities in both traditional and non-traditional ways.

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought about changes to our communication with doctors and pharmacies. After weeks of working from home, calling and teleconferencing, the team forgot for a while about structured presentations, went ahead and ordered pizza for all participating employees throughout Slovakia. They find their minds are now open to new ideas, which has been encouraged with the use of mind maps! They have adapted all communication to suit this current situation and transferred it to the online world, in the quest to find Glenmark Slovakia’s own unique style differentiation from the competition.