For internal consumption of Glenmark Pharmaceuticals, Glenmark Life Sciences and their employees.

FabiFlu® - a success story of cross-team efforts and employee dedication.

Penned by –
Mr. Manoj Soni,
Dy. General Manager – Technology Transfers, Baddi R&D

The global havoc wrecked by COVID-19 had a huge impact on every aspect, whether it was a person, a family, industries, business, jobs, or mental health of a person. We at Glenmark took this crisis as a challenge and introduced FabiFlu® (Favipiravir) brand in India, in record time of 2 months, to give a fighting chance against COVID-19. A lot of efforts were taken by cross functional teams from ensuring API production to supply chain commitments and manufacturing of finished product to release into market. These 4-5 months were very crucial for entire the team where lots of family support was received in such uncertain times.
The pharmaceutical business has huge dependency on material supplier and allied industries, from India as well as abroad. Due to lockdown, industries were shut down and transport services were disrupted worldwide, impacting material supply to all industries including pharma. These challenges were addressed in a timely manner to achieve synergies across the value chain.


Challenges overcome during this period:
-  Ensuring production of API at Ankleshwar site with limited manpower / resources and transport services within India.
-  Managing execution of batches by PDL team in absence of R&D team due to suspension of travel options by Government.
-  Entrusted to take the right call, PDL team had to identify the right equipment for batch processing and decide batch size at last moment in line with the quantity of API supplied by Ankleshwar plant.
-  Round the clock batches execution (24x7) and observation by PDL team for assuring the quality product within the short time frame.
-  PDL team set a new benchmark by remote support to Goa, Sikkim and Indore plant for parallel execution of FabiFlu® batches, through sharing of learnings / knowledge during batch execution at Baddi site.
-  QMS activities were supported by PDL team to revise the product shelf-life from time to time basis communication from R&D team.

Personal and team learnings during the last 4-5 months:
-  Our teams learned how a crisis can be handled and also how it can be converted into an opportunity when an entire organization works together towards a common goal
-  This situation taught us how a stretch assignment can be completed with a strong team’s dedication, communication and hard work.
-  Team was inspired by the idea of a pharma professional’s social responsibility in the healthcare industry in such a crisis, and rose to the occasion to deliver success.

Ways of working going forward, what teams can expect in the new normal:
-  Covid-19 may remain a part of our daily life for next several months or years as this is a Global crisis.
-  Working in the healthcare industry, we as Pharma professionals should support our society and help the organization fulfil the need to deliver in such a crisis situation.
-  Teams can expect more stretch assignments in near future as there is a chance for more people getting infected due to easing of regulations and lockdowns being lifted.

A big thank you to the entire team PDL at Baddi and Sikkim for their dedication and giving more than the normal in this situation to meet business requirements during this crisis.Two team members, Mr. Santosh Kumar Singh and Mr. Dharminder Kumar Kalia, worked seamlessly round the clock, setting a new benchmark for others.
The team worked like doctors working in hospitals as corona warriors to treat the patients. This team is our "FabiFlu® Heroes" team.