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Glenmark’s IT teams stay ahead of the curve to ensure business continuity for all

In today’s era, technology is the backbone of most businesses; more so as we find ourselves in the midst of the coronavirus outbreak. We applaud our IT teams for their relentless commitment and support to ensure business continuity and connectivity during this period. In the last few weeks, the team has embraced an ‘all hands on deck’ approach to deliver timely solutions to our business users. Glenmark1T (as the team calls themselves) had foreseen this remote-working situation and prepared key procedures and solutions to mitigate critical business risks, through solutions like Citrix App Hub, SOPs for IT continuity, SAP mobility for quicker approvals, Zoom/Skype for business calls and Webex for collaboration, and Airwatch for emails on mobile phones. Also, IT teams across India locations, plants, and our international locations are connected 24x7 during this hour of crisis. Our Data Center at HO is manned 24x7 to safeguard our critical data and infrastructure to ensure business as usual.

An archived image of the IT team