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The purpose of this newsletter is to keep us updated on the evolving coronavirus pandemic, informed on Glenmark’s efforts during these trying times and inspired by our colleagues’ spirit to ensure business continuity, so that millions around the world continue to have access to our medicines.

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Brazil’s Quality team is dedicated to the cause of medicines for all

Amidst the global pandemic and world governments asking citizens to stay safe at home, our Regulatory team in Brazil has been working tirelessly to ensure that medicine lots are released and the business continues. In the current trying times, such efforts are testimony to the commitment shown by our employees, and serve as great motivation for others as well.

Indore Site Heads and teams from other departments step in to support packaging, amidst minimal staffing

India’s Indore plant manufactures Glenmark products for Europe and the U.S. markets. But the last few weeks have seen only 20% staff at the manufacturing site, with the packing line recording 80% absenteeism.

Despite these challenges, teams from other departments have come together to ensure the blister packaging line runs smoothly and delivery timelines are not impacted. And leading these teams by example, are Ram Kapratwar, VP & Site Head, Formulation Operations, and Vishal Arora, VP & Site Head, Formulation Quality, both of whom have also stepped in to support the packaging team in their efforts.

Kudos to our Glenmark Heroes at Indore, India

Glenmark’s IT teams stay ahead of the curve to ensure business continuity for all

In today’s era, technology is the backbone of most businesses; more so as we find ourselves in the midst of the coronavirus outbreak. We applaud our IT teams for their relentless commitment and support to ensure business continuity and connectivity during this period. In the last few weeks, the team has embraced an ‘all hands on deck’ approach to deliver timely solutions to our business users. Glenmark1T (as the team calls themselves) had foreseen this remote-working situation and prepared key procedures and solutions to mitigate critical business risks, through solutions like Citrix App Hub, SOPs for IT continuity, SAP mobility for quicker approvals, Zoom/Skype for business calls and Webex for collaboration, and Airwatch for emails on mobile phones. Also, IT teams across India locations, plants, and our international locations are connected 24x7 during this hour of crisis. Our Data Center at HO is manned 24x7 to safeguard our critical data and infrastructure to ensure business as usual.

Glenmark Heroes at Ankleshwar, India committed to meeting patient needs
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Glenmark Foundation pledges to contribute to building a more resilient healthcare system

During this global health crisis, Glenmark Foundation has committed support to Kasturba Hospital in Maharashtra through provision of “Personal Protective Equipment” or PPE to medical staff. PPE includes medical masks and gowns, gloves, eye protection gear, sanitizers, etc. The state of Maharashtra has so far recorded the highest number of coronavirus cases in India, and most testing is being undertaken at the government’s Kasturba Hospital.

The Foundation is also working closely with its beneficiaries and the community to offer counsel and psychological support to lactating mothers and pregnant women. Since these women are more vulnerable to infections such as COVID-19, we are guiding this group towards a safe and healthy journey of motherhood.

Did you know that migrant and daily wage workers are amongst the most vulnerable populations in India during pandemics such as COVID-19?

The Glenmark Indore team is spreading a wave of kindness and generosity amongst this group, by teaming up with local administration to distribute 250 food packets every day to daily wage earners and other needy people in the region.

Join us in our efforts to stay
UNITED @ Glenmark

Many of us are now making the shift to working from home, and this remote way of life comes with many new experiences and learnings.

A clean, ordered and happy-looking desk space does wonders to your work-from-home experience!

Here are some pictures of our colleague’s desk spaces. Send us your desk picture and get featured in the employee corner of Glenmark’s upcoming portal to keep us all connected.

Thank you to our colleagues Valery Bystrov, Neha Kadam, Ankita Gauba, and Mugdha Shah for sharing their work-from-home desks!

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