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The purpose of this newsletter is to keep us updated on the evolving coronavirus pandemic, informed on Glenmark’s efforts during these trying times and inspired by our colleagues’ spirit to ensure business continuity, so that millions around the world continue to have access to our medicines.

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Glenmark’s Sikkim plant achieves new milestone with highest output till date

Our colleagues from India’s Sikkim plant have raised the bar of excellence by achieving a new milestone: 1201.83 Mn output and a total value of INR 799.13 Cr. This is the highest output ever achieved by the Sikkim plant till date. The feat is even more significant as it comes during challenging times of the viral pandemic. A hearty congratulations to the Sikkim team!

Slovakia team records historically highest sales of Ataralgin painkiller, ensuring marketing targets are met for the whole year

Since March 2020, the COVID-19 outbreak has impacted distribution networks across the Slovakian market, leading to poor stocks of Glenmark’s painkiller Ataralgin in pharmacies and medical stores. The situation became even more challenging with the Marketing team having only two weeks to go before the end of the quarter and the closing of the marketing year. Embracing the true spirit of Unity is Strength, a joint team comprising OTC medical representatives, Sales Manager (Jaro), Product Manager (Jirko), logistics specialists (Gabika), Trade Assistant (Petra) and GM (Maxo), successfully achieved the highest ever sales of Ataralgin over the last period. The team believes it was their rapid response to the emerging crisis situation, operational decisions and ingenuity that made this feat possible. Team Slovakia, you are an inspiration to us all!

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