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The purpose of this newsletter is to keep us updated on the evolving coronavirus pandemic, informed on Glenmark’s efforts during these trying times and inspired by our colleagues’ spirit to ensure business continuity, so that millions around the world continue to have access to our medicines.

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Nalagarh plant achieves highest ever dispatch value of INR 877.30 Cr

In a remarkable feat, Glenmark’s Nalagarh plant in India achieved its highest ever dispatch value of INR 877.30 crore for the year 2019-20. Despite the challenges and restrictions brought on by the pandemic, the team ensured impressive numbers, with final output being 7.3% more than committed. The total delivery in terms of volume was a record 100.6 million units!

This highest ever feat in the history of Glenmark Nalagarh is the result of combined efforts of teams at the site who contributed wholeheartedly to these efforts.

Every individual has played their part in contributing to this wonderful achievement. Our teams have constantly motivated and supported each other during these difficult times. Moreover, the low attrition of 5% reflects the morale and sense of belonging our members have for this site. We are very proud to contribute to the success story of Glenmark milestones.

Sunil Soni
Senior General Manager – Production (Plant Head)

A story of Glenmark’s R&D in lockdown: Exemplary joint efforts by HR and Admin

India’s nation-wide lockdown began on March 25th, which required citizens to stay in-doors, and offices/industries (other than essential services) to remain shut. While the pharmaceutical industry clearly fell under the essential services category, our HR team faced unprecedented on-ground challenges to assure the government to keep R&D centers operational. It didn’t help that all three of Glenmark’s R&D centers were located in Maharashtra – the state with the highest COVID-19 numbers in the country. And our challenges were further aggravated by government offices operating on just 5% manpower.

But in the true Glenmark spirit, we didn’t let these challenges impede our efforts. Our Sinnar R&D center became an ideal prospect to devise an approach to re-start all our R&D centers. Our HR team paid multiple visits to different local authorities over two days, and finally succeeded in securing all permissions! Now came the part of managing daily site operations, while observing social distancing and other safety guidelines. The HR team and site leads were mindful about employee sentiments during these trying times, and decided to resume work only on critical projects with 20% manpower on site.

The team began daily temperature scans at the entry gate, and ensuring social distancing and hygiene in buses and on premises. Following Sinnar R&D’s footsteps, the HR & admin teams of Taloja and Mahape R&D centers have also secured permissions from local authorities and got their sites operational by early April. An Emergency Response team (ERT) was formed at each site, comprising senior representatives from business, EHS, Admin and HR. Together with leadership and EHS, detailed COVID-19 protocols were drafted in the eventuality of any adverse events.

Soon, our HR team became employee champions, regularly listening to concerns and anxieties from the teams, and reassuring them about the safety protocols practiced on site. Regular check-ins with leaders Mr. Sushrut Kulkarni, EVP & Head – GPD and Mr. Dev Tripathy, VP & Head HR – R&D, were also organized, who together applauded the team’s spirit and dedication to continue working during these tough times.

Today, thanks to our R&D sites resuming operations with minimal gap in action, Glenmark has progressed in developing anti-retroviral drug (ARV) Favipiravir, making us the first pharmaceutical company in India to receive approval by the regulator to start clinical trials on COVID-19 patients in the country. These joint and timely efforts by HR, admin and the leadership have received praise and acknowledgment across the board and from employees.

Goa’s OSD team averages 90% production despite nationwide restrictions

The country-wide lockdown in India presented many challenges to our colleagues in Goa’s Oral Solid Dosages facility. Since supply of essential services had to continue across the country, we had to find ways to support employees’ travel to and from work, amidst the many local restrictions. To address this, the leadership team along with HR, personally called up employees every day to track and assist with travel. Many team leads offered their personal vehicles to pick up and drop off employees every day. WhatsApp groups were created especially for this purpose and to ensure regular communication. Together this impressive coordination and dedication by the team helped the facility run on an average of 90% production! Additionally, several backorder products were also smoothly delivered, a testimony to everyone’s collective efforts and dedication.

“During this pandemic, you guys delivered outstanding team work, bringing awareness on the shop floor and communicating to every individual about the safety and precautionary measures to be followed. Every day we saw new challenges that arose, but with everyone’s support, we could overcome these obstacles and built confidence that resulted in a new milestone. Your achievement speaks volumes about your capabilities! Thank you to you and your family for all your efforts and sacrifices during this critical time.”
- Pareen Dashottar, VP & Site Head – Formulation Operations

“Be proud of the fact that you have the power to rise above any situation and deliver the best results no matter the circumstances. Excellent work! Thank you team for acing all the challenges that you came across. Today, you have set great examples out there for everyone. You are the best team members ever.”
-Sharad Keskar, General Manager – Production

“When the going gets tough, the tough gets going.”
- Rohit Gupta, Deputy General Manager - HR & Admin

We salute our Goa OSD Heroes!

  • Mr. Pareen Dashottar (Site Head)
  • Mr. Sharad Keskar (Production Head)
  • Mr. Rohit Gupta (HR Head)
  • Mr. Manoj Pawar
  • Mr. Ramprasad Rao
  • Mr. Srikant Pande
  • Mr. Govind Kulkarni
  • Mr. Anup Shukla
  • Mr. Rajesh Kinge
  • Mr. Swapnil Betkar
  • Mr. Yeshwant Narvekar
  • Mr. Premkumar Mithailal
  • Mr. Hemant Chodankar
  • Mr. Ramesh Palav
  • Mr. Vaijanath Apake
  • Mr. Prashant Kulkarni
  • Mr. Nityanand Panigrahi
  • Mr. Sudant Waghmare
  • Mr. Mayur Shetye
  • Mr. Srinibas Pati
  • Mr. Shreeram G Charankar
  • Mr. Rambabu Ponduri
  • Mr. Harish Jain
  • Mr. Chandrashekhar Khambe
  • Mr. Sachin Patil
  • Mr. Subrata Kumar
  • Mr. Mariano Fernandes
  • Mr. Siba Sakhti
  • Mr. Mahendra Pawar
  • Mr. Mukesh Nagpure
  • Mr. Sunil Patil
  • Mr. Anshuman Pradhan
  • Mr. Dinesh Desai
  • Mr. Vinod Achari
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