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The purpose of this newsletter is to keep us updated on the evolving coronavirus pandemic, informed on Glenmark’s efforts during these trying times and inspired by our colleagues’ spirit to ensure business continuity, so that millions around the world continue to have access to our medicines.

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Goa’s Quality team rises above lockdown challenges, embraces new ways of working for business continuity

While Goa’s stringent lockdown to curb the spread of COVID-19 posed many challenges, the team knew they had to continue production to meet patient needs. After an initial tricky 3-4 days struggle to obtain necessary permissions from local authorities, the HR team successfully secured individual travel passes for all who could travel to the plant. Senior leaders reached out to every member of the Quality team, assuring them of the safety precautions taken on premises. Travel permits were sent to all employees on their WhatsApp numbers.

To ensure processes were not impacted, the Quality team introduced some notable measures during this period:

  • Preparation of a training module for all the employees to understand COVID-19
  • Working closely with Operations team to plan for every shift so that people can be deployed on a rotational basis at the shop floor
  • Work from home for some QA staff to maintain social distancing at the workplace
  • Citrix server access on their personal desk/laptops to work from home
  • Use of electronic signature on all documents wherever applicable

By the end of March, the QA batch release group released a total of 66 batches of product. Our Process validation team ensured smooth release of products such as Telmisartan/Verapamil.

Some key achievements by the QA team include:

  • Successful completion of three desktop audits (Russia MOH, and two customer audits) despite the many constraints brought on by the lockdown
  • Effective implementation of “work from home” concept for 50% of QA office staff where all QMS, Qualification, Validation and SAP activities were managed effectively without any delays
  • Timely resolving of queries related to audits by the team who made themselves available even in their non-shift hours

"Truly proud of my team’s dedication and perseverance. You rose to the challenge when it was needed the most. We have come a long way now since the lockdown and you have proved your mettle, I am sure we will continue working and delivering great results today, tomorrow and always!"

Amit Dixit

VP & Site Head, Quality

Saluting the COVID-19 frontliners – an initiative by Glenmark Asia

For the first time ever, all the countries of Glenmark Asia have come together to express gratitude to all COVID-19 frontliners. This touching video salutes the bravehearts who have become an epitome of selflessness by putting humanity before themselves. It also talks about Glenmark’s contribution and initiatives in the current situation.

It is being forwarded through social media with an aim to reach 50,000 frontliners and the gesture is being appreciated immensely. Glenmark stands in solidarity with the COVID-19 Warriors in the battle against this global pandemic.

Appreciation and ‘Thank You’ gestures to local law and health enforcement in India

Glenmark employees and their families from Aurangabad, Sikkim and Goa ran a heart-warming ‘thank you’ series of cards and artwork to express appreciation to police personnel and health workers on the frontlines of the pandemic. Their greetings have been well received by the police and health service providers in the regions. These Thank You cards are visibly displayed at the entrance board of the Police Stations and the police force has thanked the Glenmark Family for showing appreciation for their service during COVID-19.

Join us in our efforts to stay
UNITED @ Glenmark

Glenmark observes World Environment Day this June 5th, 2020, and this year’s theme is Biodiversity. Because to care for ourselves we must care for nature.

Here’s your chance to be a Biodiversity Ambassador! Upload pictures/posts on the Employee Corner, of your simple household activities that are kind or friendly to the environment. This could be smart ways to reuse or recycle waste, or to make your neighborhood clean and green.

Don’t forget to tag your posts with the hashtag #KindToNature. So what are you waiting for? Upload your posts now!

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