In critical times of
COVID-19, Glenmark Sikkim
supports the miracle
of a new life

For 29 year old Lalita, India’s nationwide lockdown due to COVID-19 came at a very difficult time, while she was nearing the due date of her pregnancy. To make matters more complicated, the closest hospital to Lalita’s house in Sikkim was situated over 15 kilometers away, with most of the roads in poor condition.

Understandably, the mother-to-be and her family were concerned about reaching the hospital in time, for the safe and smooth delivery of their baby.

In the early hours of one April morning, Lalita knew her baby was on the way. She and her husband began their urgent search for transport to the hospital. But the country wide lockdown posed a big challenge in getting a mode of transport.

Fortunately for Lalita’s family, Glenmark had offered its ambulances to the nearby villages as emergency vehicles to transport pregnant women to hospitals. With no time to waste, Lalita was assisted into the ambulance, as the driver Mr. Rajesh Bariely made his way along the winding roads towards the nearest hospital.

Our vigilant driver Rajesh stopped by the Public Health Centre (PHC) so the healthcare staff could check up on both mother and baby. Vashkar Pradhan, our Sikkim HR colleague also joined the family at the PHC, to make sure all was well and to assist with the formalities.

The nurse on call cleared both for safe delivery and good health, and commended the timely effort of Glenmark’s ambulance services.

This is just one of many stories where Glenmark’s emergency care and timely interventions has helped vulnerable women and children in times of most need.

Please join us in wishing Lalita and her family the very best for their new bundle of joy!

Here are pictures of Lalita and her baby, Glenmark’s Ambulance and our driver Rajesh.

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